Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tribute to the golden ground beetle

I spotted two live golden ground beetles and two deceased in the greenhouse today, so I thought a tribute profile would be appropriate.

A flightless beauty, this beetle distracts us with its iridescent ridged back and bright orange legs every time we happen upon one in the field.
I took the photo above early this morning in the greenhouse.

Name: Carabus Auratus, Golden Ground Beetle

Occupation: Feasting upon the flesh of other insects, worms, slugs and snails. They spray a digestive secretion on their prey before consuming, which they clutch in their formidable mandibles.

These beetles are native to Europe and have a life expectancy of up to two years.

Prevention: Not really a beetle you want to get rid of, because as a general rule predatory beetles are beneficial insects for the gardener and farmer. However, some may find its consumption of highly regarded earthworms disturbing. Consequently, I am recruiting the golden ground beetle to attend my upcoming "Become a Better Beetle" seminar, which includes a lecture on why slugs taste better than earthworms. Also in the lecture series: "Why Are You Dying and/or Why Won't You Die", targeted toward good and bad beetles alike.

Good beetle or bad beetle: GOOD (as long as you can disregard the whole eating earthworms thing)

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